C.R. Howard Cobblestone House Restoration

       The C.R. Howard House was built in 1853 for a wealthy Aurora merchant by a transplanted native of the Rochester, N.Y. area.  It was in the Rochester region that cobblestone construction proliferated in the first half of 19th Century and there is a strong likelihood that this type of architecture is directly linked to the flint construction of southern England that dates back to Roman times. This particular house is believed to be one of only three surviving structures built in this style in Northeast Ohio.

       Our work consisted of replacing prior cement repairs with appropriate lime mortars, rejointing weathered ornamental beadwork, stitching settlement cracks, resetting loose cobbles and realigning the stone lintel over the front doorway. This project received special recognition from Heritage Ohio, AIA Cleveland and The Cleveland Restoration Society upon it's 2008 completion. Further works were completed in 2019.

  • Project Architect: Mark Gilles, AIA, ARRC, Inc. Akron, OH
  • Special thanks to Zach Goebelt, COI Stone, Stow, Ohio and Patrick O'Flaherty for their assistance with this project.