Guernsey Stone House Project

       In 2017-2018, we were contracted to rebuild the envelope of an 1830-era stone house in Medina County, Ohio that had been originally located approximately 100 miles to the south in Guernsey County, Ohio. While in it's original Guernsey County location, the house was fully documented, disassembled stone by stone and sorted into one hundred and twenty palletized boxes. The house was then shipped north by truck to it's new location where it was rebuilt with it's original 18"-21" thick walls of Massillon Sandstone using traditional materials and methodologies. New elements, primarily quoins, arches and lintels, were rendered from matching Briar Hill and Berea Sandstone.     

  • Survey: S.A. Carlson, Sweetgrass Joinery, Huntsburg, Ohio and John Burnell, Mason's Mark, Kent, Ohio
  • Architectural Services: Joseph Linek, Linek Studio, Newbury, Ohio
  • Disassembly: Reserections, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio 
  • Stonemasonry: John Burnell, Lead, Eric Oldham, Patrick O'Flaherty, David Gray, Jag Ashcraft and David Maxwell, all of Kent, Ohio; Chris Gaiter, Brian Sarver, Ben Rebazek and Brandon Poe, Craft Construction, Hartville, Ohio.
  • Timber Framing: S.A. Carlson, Sweetgrass Joinery, Huntsburg, Ohio

2017 Work

2018 Work